Our Services

Title Insurance

Fidelity Title will conduct a complete and thorough title search and provide you with a detailed property report including the most current deed of record, open mortgages, judgments and liens, real estate tax information and the legal description of the property. Once the property ownership has been verified and associated risks have been analyzed, you will be issued a  title insurance  commitment.

Escrow Services

Fidelity Title provides experienced escrow agents knowledgeable in title insurance and real estate procedures. Our escrow agents act an independent third-party working on behalf of both the buyer and seller, helping to smooth out the closing process efficiently and professionally.

Construction Disbursements

Once a property owner and a lender agree to the terms of a financing package for the construction, it is a good idea to set up the procedures to be followed for getting the construction loan money from the bank to the parties that actually provide the labor and materials. This construction loan disbursing procedure must take into account the often differing interests of several parties.

Fidelity Title manages the process! With bank approval, we pay all the subcontractors directed on your disbursal form along with mailing the issued checks, securing the signed lien waiver and processing the end of year 1099’s. As we are the account managers on behalf of you and the bank, we also maintain detailed records of the monies paid out on your project.

Payout Authorization Form

1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange is simply a method by which a real property owner disposes of one property and acquires another without having to pay any capital gains tax on the transaction. In an ordinary sale transaction, the property owner is taxed on any gain realized by the sale of the property. In an exchange, the tax on the exchange is deferred indefinitely.

1031 exchanges are authorized by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Careful adherence to the requirements of Section 1031 is important in maintaining the tax-free status of the transaction.

As a qualified 1031 Intermediary, Fidelity Title can bring you through a 1031 Exchange with the greatest of ease.

Reverse Exchanges

Because of favorable tax law changes, Reverse Exchanges have become commonplace over the last few years; they can provide great opportunities and advantages in managing your real or personal property investments.

As the name suggests, the Reverse Exchange works through the exchange of property. Upon the sale of an investment property, you can defer all capital gains tax by purchasing a replacement property. A Reverse Exchange is different from a 1031 Exchange, mostly because it allows you to purchase property first, then sell your existing investment.

Fidelity Title can lead you through any and all of your needs for a Reverse Exchange!